2017 Summer Split NA LCS: Week 3 Recap

After the exciting 2017 Summer Split NA LCS Week 2, where we witnessed an amazing series between TSM vs CLG, we move on to week 3 as we close...
2017 Summer Split NA LCS:Week 3
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After the exciting 2017 Summer Split NA LCS Week 2, where we witnessed an amazing series between TSM vs CLG, we move on to week 3 as we close in on the ending of the first half of the season, the standings have started to solidify to an extent. With the old guards showing their finesse to once again gain a hold on the top standings, and the bottom teams attempting to find out and patch up their wounds and glaring issues, here are a few main points to take away from week 3 of the NA LCS.

Immortals Reign Supreme

With the introduction of Xmithie into the roster, Immortals are looking just as dominant as they had when they were first established. After beating the dead horse of Team Liquid into a pulp 2-0, and completing the mini reverse sweep against Cloud 9, they have effectively defeated two-thirds of the old guard, and look to continue their dominance during the week 4 matches against Counter Logic Gaming and Team Dignitas. With their solid teamwork and excellent macro-plays, they are easily ready for any challenge in their path.

Credit: Riot Games

CLG Start Looking a Bit Shaky

Although CLG are sitting beside Immortals at the top of the tables with a 5-1 record, they have not had as easy of a time as Immortals. Instead, they had two incredibly tense series versus the lower end of the ladder, with their series against Team Liquid and Phoenix1 both going to game 3.

Although they did pull out the win, they continue to show obvious weaknesses which can easily be preyed upon during the second half of the split by opponents much stronger than an ashen phoenix and dead horse. This was easily accented on during the CLG vs FlyQuest series where CLG gave up multiple advantages during the post 30-minute mark in games 2 and 3, leading them to desperately fight for the series win. If CLG wishes to remain at the top, they need to buckle down and learn to completely decimate anyone below the top teams.

TSM and C9 Seem to be Shaking off the Rust

Although they started off at the bottom of the ladder, both Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9 have started to gain some semblance of life, although not exactly in the prettiest fashion. C9 finish the week at 1-1 and, although they did lose their match to Immortals, they did show glimpses of the old C9 within them. TSM end week 3 on a semi-high note, beating 8th place Team Liquid and downward-trending Team Envy.

The main issue that comes to mind for both of these teams is in their non-dominant phases of the game. Currently, TSM have had some dirt-poor early game calls, plays, and laning, and tend to make up for it in late-game macro-game calls. On the flipside, C9 tend to have great early-game laning phases that end with some questionable and inopportune macro decisions leading to their defeat. If either wish to remain at the top of the standings and challenge Immortals and CLG for first or second, they need to brush up in the coming weeks.

Credit: Riot Games

The Death of a Fly, a Horse, and a Phoenix

By now, I’m sure everyone is sick of the dead horse joke. But that is exactly what Team Liquid is at this moment. Joined by FlyQuest and Phoenix1 at the very bottom of the standings, one has to wonder where they all went wrong. Both Flyquest and Phoenix1 had amazing runs during the Spring Split of 2017, and have yet to even step up to the plate this summer split, with Team Liquid simply grasping at straws.

Their only saving grace is the fact that Both Team Envy and Echo Fox have also shown poor play going into the end of the first half of the split. Both Echo Fox and Team Envy showed dominating performances during weeks 1 and 2, but have yet to replicate those series again, leading them towards the path of the bottom of the ladder. If any of these teams wish to step up and climb back up the ranks, they need to start now, or their playoff dreams are dead.

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