Grant Taylor

Grant has been a dedicated (*cough*, obsessive) gamer since a very young age and is most comfortably at home in front of a screen. When not gripping a controller or hammering a keyboard, he can be found exploring the British countryside in his extremely clean car.
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins: Fit For a Pharaoh or a Forgotten Empire?

    Assassin’s Creed has become something of a household name in gaming since the release of the titular iteration almost a decade ago. Fans of the franchise are some of the most die-hard available, standing alongside the developers, Ubisoft, throughout recent tumultuous launches. This, combined with the fact that the...
  • Gamers: Worst Companions in a Zombie Attack

    Gamers: Worst Companions in a Zombie Attack

    If there’s one thing modern day entertainment has taught us to prepare for, it’s the zombie apocalypse. The abundance of content based around legions of the undead has become one of the most popular staples for Hollywood, video game developers, writers and pretty much anyone else who brings creative...