Harjit Singh

Hi there! My name is Harjit Singh, I'm a British nineteen year old Creative Writing and Journalism student, with a love for all things fantasy. Whether it's from reading books to playing Dungeons and Dragons, something about getting immersed and exploring a different world is really cool to me. I'm an avid gamer, with a love to write and hope to one day become a novelist! Thanks for reading!
  • In Defence Of Dunkey's Criticism of Video Game Critics

    In Defence Of Dunkey’s Criticism of Video Game Critics

    Prominent Youtuber ‘videogamedunkey’ recently has caused quite a stir resulting in the backlash of several videogame journalists and critics and has now seen many people on both sides beginning to either question or defend the methods of videogame reviews from prominent sites such as ‘IGN’ and ‘Gamespot’. How did...
  • Dark Souls Difficulty vs Design

    We Needed Dark Souls For Its Design, Not Just Its Difficulty

    Dark Souls And Difficulty ‘Dark Souls’ has become the poster child for challenging gameplay. Due to its well known difficulty, it easily has  became known as a game that was unforgiving towards its players. The game grew popular mostly due to its difficulty, and this kinda sucks. There’s a...