Johnny Howard

Self-proclaimed 'up-and-coming' video game journalist with an undying passion for RPG'S and pasta meal deals. Possesses a particularly strong, (perhaps unhealthy), critical mindset in regards to the quality of video games in the modern age, but is highly enthusiastic towards all forms of experimentation in the medium, excluding motion controls of course. Hopes you thoroughly enjoy his musings and encourages you to visit his currently defunct, albeit somewhat interesting YouTube channel, where the majority of his passion first took form: Colonel Cubbage
  • The Overlooked Achievements of Alien Isolation

    The Overlooked Achievements of Alien Isolation

    The first Alien movie has a truly timeless quality to it, when it came out in 1979 it was a milestone in movie making history, not only was it an uncompromisingly scary movie, it was a triumph of technical production. Horror movies, sci-fi movies and not to mention video...
  • Critical Analysis of Fallout 4

    No Turning Back Fallout 4 is a ‘milestone’ in franchises history, a turning point which the series itself may never be able to successfully splinter off from with future titles, regardless of which developer takes it under its wing. It asks several difficult questions regarding the definition and foundation...