Patryk Krzywon

A Polish-British Londoner, a part-time Pokémon trainer and a full-time nerd. Living in the dystopian world of 21st Century London, may be prone to cynicism. Only really cheat on the PC with the 3DS. #PraiseTheSun #FemShep #TeamKazuya
  • GTA 6 London

    Why GTA 6 Should be Set in Modern Day London

    We have had five numbered GTA games, spanning three unique locations. Most gamers will be more than familiar with Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. However, Rockstar North’s hit series did have a little stay elsewhere. Moreover, I have a strong case for it coming back. Remembering GTA’s short flirtation...
  • Pokemon Go Gym Update

    Pokemon Go Gym Update: Reigniting Interest Amongst Fans

    Pokémon Go revolutionised the mobile gaming space. Its massive success saw people of all ages and backgrounds running around trying to catch the lovable creatures. More importantly, it still does. You will undoubtedly see a grown adult swipe at their phone randomly at work or walking home. Parents are...
  • Tekken Games

    Evolution of Tekken Games: Pushing Frontiers of Fighting Games

    Tekken is as recognisable a name as Final Fantasy, Pokémon or Street Fighter. Hailing from the golden age of Japanese video games, Tekken games continue to be amongst the most successful titles of the genre thanks to more than fortunate timing and nostalgia. It remains because of its evolution....