Samuel Taylor

Gaming since diapers. After a string of disappointments, Sam paid a weary eye on the AAA gaming industry and the going ons within, not trusting a game releasing with 84 different editions and a season pass before it's even shown gameplay. A fan of all genres, he'll play anything that requires attention and seeks to complete even the most arduous task. From point A to point B, or surviving the dialogue in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • The Whole Konami Thing

    The Whole Konami Thing

    That whole Metal Gear Survive trailer shebang was pretty funny. A lot of outcry which is understandable, Konami being Konami and fans being fans. Me? I’m on the fence.┬áMetal Gear doesn’t like me, and I don’t really like it. But since I’m enamored with other titles from the Japanese...
  • No Man’s Sky: Overhyped and Disappointing

    No Man’s Sky. The big boy in the PS4 library and the talk of the town for the past year or so. And the official result? Mediocrity and controversy. Maybe not the verdict Hello Games were looking for. But in the end, who’s to blame for the Molyneux effect?...