Sean Pickell

Sean is a volunteer writer for PlusMana, as a young lad he loved playing video games and enjoyed writing. He loves pretty much any video game thrown his way, as well as learning about consoles and pcs.
  • Branded Gaming PC Under 1500

    Branded Gaming PC Under 1500 For Esports Games

    In today’s esports scene, graphic power and frames per second run the streets. Most esports competitions utilize branded PCs straight out of the box and ready to use. This is regardless of whether they are playing DOTA, League of Legends, Overwatch, or Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Building custom gaming PCs...
  • Xbox One X

    XBox One X Specs: Peek Under The Hood

    This year’s E3 gave us our first peek at Microsoft’s XBox One X, as well as its technical specs. Previously, we knew nothing of the mysterious ‘Project Scorpio’. The console looks like a mere Xbox One. It has the same black colour scheme, XBox symbol, USB port etc. The...
  • Air Missions: HINDS Review

    Air Missions: HINDS Review

    PlusMana would like to thank 3Division Entertainment for the invite to review Air Missions: HINDS. Air Missions: HINDS was developed by 3Division Entertainment as a combat simulator for the Russian Combat Helicopter HIND. My prior experience with combat simulators have led me to believe such games were overly complicated...