Best Clash Royale Deck: Fast Cycle and Control Hog Deck for Arena 6+

‘Best Clash Royale Deck’ is a series of posts that is meant to showcase the top tier clash royale decks. Though there is no single deck that trumps all...
Best Clash Royale Deck: Fast Cycle and Control Hog Deck for Arena 6+

‘Best Clash Royale Deck’ is a series of posts that is meant to showcase the top tier clash royale decks. Though there is no single deck that trumps all other variants in the game, the series aim to bring to our readers attention common decks that are thought as amongst the best decks in the game. 

Hog rider decks are considered one of the best clash royale decks in the lower arenas as the opponent usually have no good clue how to counter them, or they overspend on their defense, and you are able to defend with a positive elixir trade.

Here’s a 3.0 Elixir deck which is very versatile.

Best Clash Royale Deck: Fast Cycle and Control Hog Deck

Modified from the popular 2.6 Hog deck http


  • Fast cycle
  • Can take down beatdown decks well
  • Strong counterpush
  • Many cards can be replaced


  • Weak to air
  • Weak to Lightning and Zap

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider will be your main win-condition for this deck. He does a lot of damage per hit. Alone, the Hog Rider will not amount much, therefore you need the other supporting cards in the deck.

The Hog Rider is easily countered by a well placed Cannon. To counter this, pair up with a Fireball and predict the Cannon placement. Try your best to get most value out of the Fireball, by hitting the Crown Tower and/or the defensive troops.

You can pair the Hog Rider with a Knight at the front, and/or an Ice Spirit at the back to deal with the cheap defenses.

No replacements.

Best Clash Royale Deck: Fast Cycle and Control Hog Deck

Use the Hog Rider to push your slow-moving tanks!


The Knight, despite being unlocked from Arena 1, still serves a very good job as a mini tank. He can defend against many small pushes, and if you are able to get him to the Crown Towers, he’ll be able to dish out moderate damage.

The Knight is usually played as a defensive card, and you will transit into offense with him and your Hog Rider. The Knight is an excellent defensive card for the Graveyard, which can fully stop it. What makes it better is that it can survive any supporting spell too.

Can be replaced with the Ice Golem, but lacking in the damage department.


These Skeletons give insane value. When paired up with the Ice Spirit, you can take down many medium health troops with the aid of your Crown Towers. Pull the troops into the middle of your side and freeze with the Ice Spirit.

You can use the Skeletons to help take down the tank if your Inferno Tower is out of your rotation. Speaking of rotation, this 1 elixir card helps you to cycle through your cards to get back to your other cards.

No replacement.

Ice Spirit

The Ice Spirit, like the Skeletons, give insane value. It can stop and reset troop targeting, and buy extra time for your troops to dish out damage.

Usually paired with the Hog Rider on offense, you can get an extra hit on the Crown Tower, kill/stall defensive troops.

As with the Skeletons, great cycling card.

No replacement.

The Log

Your main defensive spell, and in our opinion amongst the top 5 legendary cards in Clash Royale. The Log helps you to buy more time/split up troops on defense to take them out with relative ease.

On offense, you want to take out their Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army, if you know your opponent has the card in their rotation. Play a predictive log to counter their defense.

Can substitute with Zap Spell or Arrows if you desire.


The Musketeer is your main air defense troop, play her safely at the back of your units. The Musketeer can take out misplaced buildings that are 3 tiles from the bridge to allow your Hog Rider to charge at the Crown Tower.

On defense, you would ideally defend with Skeletons and or Ice Spirit. If you deem the aforementioned cards insufficient or they get zapped everytime, use your Musketeer to do more damage. She has quite a bit of health and can soak up a hit or two.

Can replace with Archers, cheaper card and cycles faster. Easier to level too.

Can also be replaced with Electro wizard. Great defense capabilities and can help take down big tanks.


The main damaging spell for your deck. When do you use the Fireball? When the opponent places an Elixir Collector, Fireball it to prevent a huge Elixir advantage. 3 Musketeers? Fireball them.

When you use Fireballs, make sure you try to hit the Crown Tower too, for added value.

If you are playing on the ladder, take note the Fireball instantly kills a Wizard and Musketeer 1 level lower. Use this to your advantage.

You would want to play predicitive Fireballs on defensive Barbarians and Minion Hordes, so you can do more damage to the Crown Towers.

Can be replaced with Rocket for more damage.

Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower is your main defense against Beatdown decks, to take down the beefy tanks infront. Make sure you pull the Tank into the centre of 2 towers. The ideal position for this is 4 tiles from the river, 3 from the lane.

Here’s a guide from the Reddit Alpha Team on Inferno Tower placement.

Best Clash Royale Deck: Fast Cycle and Control Hog Deck

Credit: r/Clashroyale

Watch out for Lightning and Zap spells. If needed, use The Log and Ice Spirit to buy more time for your Inferno.

Can be swapped out for the Cannon to cycle cards faster, but weak to Lava Hound.


Early game

At the start of the match, do not bum-rush the enemy. It is a good idea to scout out your opponent’s cards and deck. Try to figure out what he has.

If he rushes you, play defensive, trying to use as little elixir as possible, so as to counter push with an even bigger elixir build-up.

If you see their tank gets placed at the back, rush the other lane with Hog Rider and Ice Spirit. Place the Hog on the most left/right of the map, to bypass a 4-3 tower. Take note of what he defends your Hog Rider with. By attacking the opposite lane, you split up his troops by forcing him to defend the other lane. In the event he doesn’t defend, you get almost a free tower and have to defend his following push.

If he places an Elixir Collector, rush with your Hog Rider and Ice Spirit, as he is 6 elixir down. Afterwards, simply Fireball the Elixir Collector.

2X Elixir and Overtime

At this point, you should have already scouted out his defense. Play predictive The Logs and Fireballs to make sure you get your Hog to their Crown Tower. However, even if you can’t get your Hog to their tower, simply keep cycling your Hog, out cycling their defenses. Otherwise, most damage comes from your Fireballs.

Potential to be Best Clash Royale Deck in Lower Arenas

This is an easy and fun deck to use and works well in high arenas too, and probably amongst the best Clash Royale Deck in lower arenas. Do not be discouraged if you do not find success with this deck. Practice and you’ll get better.

Shao Wei is a student in Chemistry and also an avid gamer for FPS and Moba games. He loves to sleep.
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